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New SAT Scores--Looking at College Admissions Profiles

Monday, May 23, 2016

The College Board recently (5/9/16) released concordance tables which compare March, 2016’s SAT scores (resulting from the first administration of the new version of the SAT) to previous SAT scores—scores that were calibrated and refined during the years between March, 2005 and March, 2016. It is especially important to understand the equivalent value of the new SAT scores when comparing these SAT scores to reported admissions criteria on Naviance or any published data-based sources which used the SAT scores previous to March, 2016 to report current admissions outcomes.


If you or your student are planning to use ACT scores as a way to evaluate your chance of admission or to submit standardized test scores to colleges then this has no bearing on those scores.


When you evaluate March SAT scores, however, it is very important that you bear in mind this new concordance information. For instance, if your student or you, if you are the student, got a 1300, on the new March SAT this is equivalent to 1230 on the old SAT. So whether you look at Naviance or another data source reporting SAT scores for various colleges, you need to use the equivalent old SAT score, not the new score to compare yourself to this previously collected data posted as a reflection of admission’s trends in various colleges. (Right now, the data represented in Naviance and other data bases is from the years previous to this year's, 2016's, graduating class. So it is listed in old score SAT terms.) 

The same is true of any data on a college website, or in national guides, either in print or online, like Fiske Guide to Colleges, for example. This data is all based on old--pre March, 2016--SAT test score data.


So be sure to adjust your thinking about the new scores and make the adjustment when looking at data collected and published using old scores.


The charts correlating the new and old scores may be found on the College Board website at:

 I found pages 8 and 9 especially helpful as far as converting students scores to the old equivalent scores.

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