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Personal Essay and Application

Consultants know how to work with students and assist with the application and admissions process, as well as with the all-important essay. Having someone who understands the system can help ease this stressful time.

I regularly attend conferences and workshops to stay current on developments in their field. I also attend information session at colleges which are especially for counselors; there I can ask questions about what the admissions committee at that specific college is looking for when they ask certain supplemental essay questions and what kind of students they are trying to encourage to apply by offering certain scholarships. Besides having experience in college admissions I know the intricacies of test preparation, applications, essays and financial aid. I also know what strategies to pursue to maximize test scores and capitalize on a certain school’s search for candidates.

Additionally a good personal essay can often make the difference between acceptance and rejection. I wrote the book on writing that difference making college essay. I will help your student find his or her voice, choose a unique topic, and finally write with personal conviction and authenticity. Using my results producing method, the student will like his or her essay, and him or herself, and he will distinguish her or himself with the colleges of her or his choice. Over the last 15 plus years, I’ve seen it happen. Often.

If your student is applying to some of the more competitive colleges it will be necessary to write many other essays. These are the so-called supplemental essays, the essays a specific college asks to see if you know why you want to go to it. What are your long term goals and in what way will attending our college assist you to accomplish these? This is, indeed, a very daunting question for a high school senior. I will  help him to see what kind of research to do to understand a college and to formulate a cogent answer.

 I believe that I will bring to this process: knowledge, energy, passion . . .and a sense of humor.