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College Readiness Mentoring

Preparing for college begins well before senior year. The decision your child makes during all four years of high school have a significant impact on his or her college options. The right mentor makes a big difference. The right mentor can gently urge a reluctant student to take on volunteer activities, leadership roles, and even the initiation of creative and innovative new clubs, businesses or charities. Another area where a mentor can help a student is in deciding which high school courses to take to best prepare for success in college.

I can provide this mentoring during the early years in high school. It is essential for a student to understand and act on the knowledge that activities pursued during high school can significantly impact the outcome of the application process. A student who finds and develops his or her talents and interests has the best chance of entering the best schools.

The college application process can be a time of discovery, self-affirmation, and growth, or it can be a time of tremendous stress and insecurity, especially in today's competitive environment. As an experienced college consultant, I know we can make the college application process a positive experience. I can help you and your family make the process easier and more successful.

I invite you to contact me to explore, on a complimentary basis, the possibility of my being a resource for you and your family during the college application process. I am certain that I can make this time and the results of the college process more meaningful, more personal, less stressful, and more productive. I believe that I will bring to the process: knowledge, energy, passion . . .and a sense of humor.