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Advice to Juniors from the Senior Class

  • Your ideas about what you want will change over time.
  • Campus visits can help you narrow your list down.
  • Like your back-up schools – you may need them.
  • Don’t just pick a school because your friends like it.
  • Don’t get hooked on just one school – you might not get in there.
  • Don’t obsess over the college process – you still need to do well in school.
  • Start looking at colleges in the spring; start your essays over the summer.
  • Make sure that colleges offer a good environment for you.
  • Ask about the negatives when you visit colleges.
  • Don’t just focus on academics – find an activity you love.
  • Don’t let the college process dictate what activities you do.
  • Think about getting a job.
  • Start forming good relationships with teachers now so you have people you can ask to write recommendations for you.
  • Ask your teachers early to write letters for you so they have time.
  • If you want to submit art work with your applications, talk to your art teachers now about what you will need to do.
  • Look at some applications now to learn what they ask.
  • Plan carefully to take your SAT’s and Subject-Matter Tests so you can fit them all in.
  • Take the ACT.
  • Send an essay, even if it’s not required.
  • Save some writing samples from junior year.
  • It is harder to raise your GPA in the junior year than you think it will be.